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What Mama Wants Review


poopsies news

What Mama Wants Review

Liz Toledo


 A Little About The Poopsie, More Than Just a Onsie:
poopsies® is an infant onesie made with a patented waterproof lining in the back that keeps blowouts from leaking through and ruining clothing. In addition to being made from the softest, most fashionable fabrics, poopsies’® unique lining is waterproof, breathable, and machine washable.

Where did poopsies® come from?
poopsies® were made and designed by Annemarie Waters, a Seattle-area mother of four, who created them by trial and error out of her own blow-out frustration. She designed poopsies® to be safe and environmentally friendly so her own children could wear them. poopsies® are machine sewn in Anne Marie’s hometown of Seattle in Washington state, with fabrics made in the USA.


My Thoughts:

I absolutely LOVE the poopsie. It’s made from the softest, stretchiest material, with superb craftsmanship and a great color, while the waterproof, breathable  liner is a life saver when out running errands. These shirts were designed to protect from diaper blowouts and they do what they were designed to do. After the blowout, the shirt is easy to wash and all the stains were removed with just a simple rinse in cold water before the regular wash. After several blowouts, the onesie sent to me looks as good as new!

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