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poopsies news

Everything Mommyhood Review

Liz Toledo


Last month we were contacted by Poopsies, as they wanted to be featured in our Holiday Gift Guide. I knew it would be a perfect fit for those little newborns out there, we all know they poop a lot!!!


There are a lot of great features about Poopsies, other than the fact that they just look cute!

  • Breathable (no diaper rash)
  • Stretchy, with complete recovery
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Lint free
  • Made in the USA
  • Machine washable
  • Waterproof

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Jenns Blah Blah Blog Review

Liz Toledo


 Poopsies Is Your Solution To Leaky Diapers!! No More Soiled Clothes!

Having a little one in diapers is a messy accident waiting to happen!! Having two grown children of my own & two grandchildren, one still in diapers, I have been through the worst of the worst when it comes to diaper “blow outs!!’ By chance while I was browsing, an advertisement for Poopsies caught my attention.

as I was reading info on Poopsies I was thinking, another gimmick to get you to buy some cheap baby clothes, so I had to check this out for myself. I contacted Poopsies and they were generous enough to send me their Padma, blush colored long sleeve onesie.

Boy was I ‘wrong!!” The first week of using Poopsies we had a major “blow out”! The great thing was, and this may sound funny to you, but I smelled it, checked baby Novalee and her outside was dry. I was amazed when I unsnapped her Poopsie Onesie to see the blow out stayed right in the designated area, fantastic!! I couldn’t believe it!! Too good to be true, but it was!! Best of all is they have several styles to choose from, here’s just a couple for you,

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What Mama Wants Review

Liz Toledo


 A Little About The Poopsie, More Than Just a Onsie:
poopsies® is an infant onesie made with a patented waterproof lining in the back that keeps blowouts from leaking through and ruining clothing. In addition to being made from the softest, most fashionable fabrics, poopsies’® unique lining is waterproof, breathable, and machine washable.

Where did poopsies® come from?
poopsies® were made and designed by Annemarie Waters, a Seattle-area mother of four, who created them by trial and error out of her own blow-out frustration. She designed poopsies® to be safe and environmentally friendly so her own children could wear them. poopsies® are machine sewn in Anne Marie’s hometown of Seattle in Washington state, with fabrics made in the USA.


My Thoughts:

I absolutely LOVE the poopsie. It’s made from the softest, stretchiest material, with superb craftsmanship and a great color, while the waterproof, breathable  liner is a life saver when out running errands. These shirts were designed to protect from diaper blowouts and they do what they were designed to do. After the blowout, the shirt is easy to wash and all the stains were removed with just a simple rinse in cold water before the regular wash. After several blowouts, the onesie sent to me looks as good as new!

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Mommy's Block Party Gift Guide

Liz Toledo


Poopsies is a brilliant company created by mom of four, Annemarie Waters, that makes infant onesies with a waterproof lining in the back that keeps blowouts from leaking through and ruining clothing. Based in her hometown of Seattle, Poopsies are machine sewn onesies that are safe, environmentally friendly, and created with fabrics made in the USA.

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Savvy Sassy Moms Reviews Poopsies

Liz Toledo


We’re going to get down to the nitty gritty of motherhood today. Are you ready for it? The subject is something we can all come together about — diaper blowouts. The bane of my existence as a mother to an infant — or, one of them, anyway — is when you go to change your baby’s diaper, and realize that it has blown out everywhere. Legs, back, up to their neck (HOW do they manage to do that!?), in their bellybutton — and worst of all, you usually have a onesie that is either severely filthy, or ruined. I’ve thrown out many a onesie because even after several washes, that stubborn baby poop just would not come out. It becomes frustrating to throw away money like that, when there MUST be a better solution, right?

The solution

Poopsies is a onesie that is equipped with a waterproof lining to keep diaper blowouts from getting out and staining clothes. Created by Annemarie Waters, a mom of four (and expert when it comes to diaper blowouts, I imagine), and sewn in her hometown of Seattle with fabrics made in the USA, Poopsies are a time and money-saver by keeping not only your baby’s clothes from getting ruined, but your clothes too! I know there have been several times where Reid’s explosion has made its way onto my clothing, and Poopsies would have saved me from a ton of anguish (and laundry).

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Poopsies Onesies Giveaway at Viva Veltoro

Get Poopsies

Why is it that the moment you get your baby in that adorable outfit, ready to leave the house or show her off to friends and family, she poops?! Come on, if you're a mom, you know this has happened to you! It's like they just KNOW. Of course, that's always the time that it goes up their back (and all over you too), and you have to do a complete outfit change. My son was especially good at doing this to me. A few of his outfits are permanently stained, but what are you going to do? Babies have to poop!

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Poopsies Onesie Review by the IE Mommy

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All moms know what the phrase “blowout” refers to and it isn’t pleasant! What is it about that baby poop that just literally explodes out of their diapers, through their onesies, pants and anything else they are in contact with? How many times have you thought “there has got to be a solution to this?” Well let me introduce you to the appropriately named Poopsies!

There is a special lining inside of Poopsies onesies to prevent blowout. Hallelujah! Finally there is a way to contain and minimize the damage.

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Poopsies Infant Onesies {Giveaway} #FALLingForBaby

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Why is it that the moment you get your baby in that adorable outfit, ready to leave the house or show her off to friends and family, she poops?! Come on, if you’re a mom, you know this has happened to you! It’s like they just KNOW. Of course, that’s always the time that it goes up their back (and all over you too), and you have to do a complete outfit change. My son was especially good at doing this to me. A few of his outfits are permanently stained, but what are you going to do? Babies have to poop! Well, I’ve got great news for parents everywhere who are tired of ruined, stained clothes from poopy blowouts! Poopsies Onesies are a new brand of onesies designed to save your clothes from those catastrophic blowouts.

Read the full article and enter to win here.


poopsies® – Not Your Ordinary Onesie!

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We are very excited to have been reviewed by Kristin of “Our Ordinary Life”. 

Kristin used her beautiful daughter Mia as a model and writes “If you’ve ever had a baby then you’ve had it happen to you. The diaper blow out. It usually happens in the worst of places when our family is all dressed in their best. Just think of all the money I wasted on the cutest of baby outfits too!”

Click here to read the rest of the article. 

poopsies voted top finalist in Red Tricycle Totally Awesome awards 2013

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Thank you for all of your votes - poopsies was named a finalist in “Most Awesome Baby Shower Gifts" category in Red Tricycle’s Totally Awesome awards of 2013. 

Red Tricycle’s Totally Awesome Awards lets parents nominate and vote for the best family-friendly products, parenting tips and resources in their community. The Totally Awesome Awards is the most fun Kid/Baby Awards program that makes Moms (and Dads) the judges!

poopsies wins the National Parenting Center’s Seal of Approval

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If you are the parent of an infant you probably have experienced a “blowout”, if you have to ask…. Having some fear and trepidation around these events is healthy and understandable, no one enjoys it, you, your baby, your guests, your fellow bus riders, you get the idea. The people at Poopsies feel your anxiety and have created their signature product, a onesie designed with the sole intention of containing the blowout. Parents were pleased to find such an innovative protective concept. They were impressed with the quality and workmanship, the fabric used is extremely soft and stretchy and that all important waterproof barrier is seamlessly sewn in. It washes and dries easily while maintaining its softness. The colors are gender neutral and they do what they say they will. They keep the big one, little.

Read the full article here.      

poopsies® is a proud sponsor of the 5th Annual PEPSapalooza Family Music Fest

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Our friends at PEPS (Program for Early Parent Support) [] build community by facilitating neighborhood based support groups for new parents in Seattle and beyond. We are proud to sponsor their summer benefit event PEPSapalooza on Saturday, August  17.

PEPSapalooza is truly fun for the whole family with performances by Caspar Babypants, The Not-Its!, Recess Monkey and Rolie Polie Guacamole. The event will take place at a new venue this year - Everett Memorial Stadium, home of the Everett AquaSox and conveniently located off of I-5 with free parking.

The entire event will take place in a safe, enclosed grassy space for family fun. Between bands, the action continues with activities for the whole family, including Dizzy’s Tumblebus, trampolining with Springfree Trampolines, hairdos and tattoos, circus arts, a Truck Zone, Aqua Sox Jump Zone, and much, much more. Food and drinks including adult beverages will be available on-site. Bring-your-own picnics are also welcome.

​ The Giggle Guide features poopsies in article on Playtime NY

Get Poopsies

poopsies: Get the Message Out About Keeping Stuff In

What’s stretchy, comfortable, and keeps baby blow-outs from ruining everyone’s day? poopsies — attractive snuggly clothing with a special lining. Developed by Annemarie Waters, a mother of four, poopsies apparel not only makes baby look good, but also puts an end to embarrassing messes.

Playtime NY is the place to spread their message of comfort and cleanliness. “We were drawn to Playtime NY for its intimacy and focus on high quality children’s and maternity products. For us, it’s not all just about selling our brand; it’s about having fun, enjoying the show, and developing lasting relationships with like-minded parents and small business owners,” says Christy Feltman, Executive Vice President of poopsies.

Read the full article here.