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poopsies blog - follow along in the daily life of poopsies creator Annemarie Waters.

Monkey Buisness

Liz Toledo

Before my first daughter was born I fantasized about how adorable it was when a kid was uber attached to a stuffed animal. Oh the photos you could take with your darling and their lovey by their side. To me, it was a huge deal to pick out the right “best friend” for my girl. Am I alone in this? Have you felt the pressure too? 


After all of my hard work and mental photo planning, my first daughter refused to be attached to anything but my hand. This was a major let down. My hand just wasn’t the photogenic prop that I had my heart set on. Also, it’s hard to take a photo when you’re attached to the prop. I tried blankets, stuffed animals and toys, anything that would give her comfort while I was away.


Even though nothing panned out, I didn’t give up. I went through all of the planning again with my second child. Once again, I seemed to be the only one attached to these items. It was 2004 when my second daughter was born and I had just discovered Little Giraffe blankets, and yes, I wanted to sleep with the blanket more than she did. Four years later I found the adult version of these blankets. No brainer, of course I have one. 


Three years later, six months into life with our third child, the dream of any of my children being addicted to a stuffed animal had greatly diminished…until I met Monkey. Enter center stage (I’m told it’s impossible to enter center stage, but that’s the way it happened in my overly visual memory), the most adorable monkey I have ever laid eyes on. It was Christmas and Anthropologie had these monkeys behind the counter that you could donate after purchase to a child in the hospital. I was blinded by love. I knew as soon as I saw him that he had to come home with me. I politely asked if you could purchase one and… not have it sent to the hospital… (I know, evil). After a manager’s approval, a swipe of my card, and a sweeping wave of mental photo ops, Monkey was mine. 




I took Monkey home that night and I was brimming with inspiration. I just knew he was the one! He was the one that at least one of my kids would fall for. Monkey has this tail that’s about a foot long. I envisioned my son learning to crawl around the house with Monkey’s tail in hand and monkey dragging behind. I envisioned him learning to walk while holding monkey’s tail and dragging him over the hardwood floors. I could see him falling asleep at night with Monkey snuggled in right next to him and that soft little tail rubbing up against my son’s nose. 


Christmas came and we gave Monkey to my son. Christmas went and it was clear that once again, I was the only one enamored with the animal. I sneakily tried to place Monkey’s tail into my son’s hand during random times of the day. When I nursed I would rub his cheek with Monkey’s tail, when he slept I would tuck monkey next to him. Yet, all of this was to no avail. 



My first son is now seven, in these seven years we have had one more child biologically and three more in our home through foster care. In these seven years I have tried to attach everyone to monkey. It should not come as much of a surprise to me that, to this day, I am still the only one attached to him. After talking about this blog with the poopsies’ staff it has become clear that, possibly, Monkey was sent to fulfill something in me, more than in my children. So tonight, maybe I will try to sneak Monkey under my pillow or my side of the bed. shhh…don’t tell my husband.

Here are some of my favorite stuffed animals that I found! Post some of your favorites and tag us in the post.