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poopsies blog - follow along in the daily life of poopsies creator Annemarie Waters.

#KYCH Booger Picker

Liz Toledo


I have a booger-picker for a kid. I have four kids so I’m not going to tell you who it is, but my girls would be mortified if any of you thought it was them, so I will tell you now that it’s not one of my daughters. Ethan wouldn’t be too happy either if you thought it was him, and it’s not, but’re not going to get me to name the culprit.

Booger-picking is one thing - fine, pick it and flick it, everyone has done it. But pick it and EAT it???? One of my kids (who will remain un-named) has recently picked it up (ha-ha, no pun intended, but it totally works - my husband will be so proud)!

I have tried asking him to stop; telling him his “girlfriend” will not approve; telling him it’s dirty; and, I think around Christmas I may have said that Santa didn’t bring gifts to kids who ate their boogers. Too far? I wish. It didn’t work.... and he still got all of his presents.

I really wish that this behavior only reflected on my child as a person and I wish I could say that I didn’t take it personally when we’re in public and people are clearly disgusted with my parenting after watching my child pick and eat his boogs

Elaree Prints

Elaree Prints

This week we’re taking about how we “keep our crap hidden” as parents. In a desperate attempt to do just that, I finally explained to my child that it was “ok to pick and eat as long as no one else saw you do it.” It seems to be working so far…don’t judge me. I said, “You can do that in your bedroom and in the bathroom and in the car when it’s just me and you, but when we’re anywhere else you just can’t.” I don’t know if they will grow up and always be a bedroom picker, but I guess I’ll never know, and I think I’m ok with that.

 How do you “keep your crap hidden?” Tell us your stories HERE and be entered to win two poopsies!