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poopsies blog - follow along in the daily life of poopsies creator Annemarie Waters.

#KYCH Messy Hair, DON'T CARE!

Liz Toledo

Maybe I’m the only mom with this problem, but just in case I’m not, can you share your secrets too?

Esther and her beautiful hair 

Esther and her beautiful hair 

Out of our four kids we had two gorgeous daughters first - Esther and Ellie. Esther was born with two inches of thick, dark, amazing hair, and it has never stopped growing. Ellie was born with a beautiful bald head covered in strawberry peach fuzz…and it has been growing at that rate ever since. Since I can remember Ellie being able to talk she has always wanted Esther’s long, thick hair. I remember while on the airplane to a surprise Disneyland trip, I asked Ellie what she was hoping for when we got to Disneyland and her first response was “long hair”. We left that trip with some ponytail hair extensions from the Bippity Boppity Boutique.

That long luscious hair of Esther’s has come to haunt her. As her mother I feel a need to not let her out of the house with dreads. As the girl who has that beautiful hair, she feels the need to cry and get extremely agitated and upset when I try to brush it.

Over the years the way that I have decided to “keep my crap hidden” and keep her happy is to only brush the top layer of her hair. This keeps her looking good (as long as she doesn’t move her hair) and me looking good because you can’t really tell that the underside is completely dreaded. Don’t judge me. This is my first time being a mom.

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