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#KYCH Doughnuts>Cookies?

Liz Toledo

A year ago we moved to an area that made it possible to walk to school. It was tough to get my kids on board with this walking-to-school thing, so I decided to bribe them with a donut at the market that was on the way to school if they would walk. Living in Seattle I had no idea that a year later we would be walking to school 90% of the time and that my kids’ normal morning routine would be to have a donut.

Almost daily we get to the shiny donut case and my kids ask for one of the beautiful, sparkly cookies instead of a donut. If there are any other parents around (in an effort to keep the fact that I feed my kids a donut every morning hidden) I quietly whisper that they are allowed a donut and nothing else but a piece of fruit. Yeah, I say that part loud: “You can have a piece of fruit if you don’t want a donut.” Unfortunately they usually reluctantly grab a maple bar instead of the cookie they were hoping for. We pay for our donuts and the sweet cashier whom I have come to adore (because she sees me buy donuts every morning and still loves me) cashes us out and we finish our walk to school.

Zmax is our doughnut king.

Zmax is our doughnut king.

I always ask myself would letting them have a cookie be even healthier for them than the frosting-covered, fried, sweet bread that they are eating? I don’t know, it actually might be, but in an effort to “keep my crap hidden” there’s no way I’m feeding my kids cookies for breakfast. I agree, it’s totally insane that a donut is an acceptable breakfast food in our culture, but for now, if it gets my kids out the door and on their feet instead of in a car and gives me an extra mile to talk and laugh with them as we walk, then it’s well worth it. As long as no one knows that 3 of my kids have a donut 5 out of 7 days a week for breakfast, we’re good. And when people ask, I only share that we walk to school every morning, not that we eat a donut every morning. :)

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