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5 Finds to Keep Back-to-School Fun

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Can you believe that fall is just around the corner? Is it just me, or did summer go far too quickly? The time has come to start waving goodbye to summer pool parties, BBQs with friends and heat waves. Before you start setting your calendars back to August and live in denial for another month, think about what’s ahead. The crispy, colorful leaves are ahead, the excitement of the holiday season is ahead; most importantly, think about all the free time you will have as you send the kids off to school for another year.

I’m willing to bet there are hundreds of like-minded moms across the nation feeling a mixture of emotions as they prep for the return of early-morning routines and chaotic carpools. But before you get overwhelmed by school supplies lists or back-to-school shopping, remind yourself to enjoy these milestone moments with your kids.

To get you started, here are a few quirky items you won’t find at your local retailer. Equally cute and clever!

Shark Backpacks by The Children’s Place, $11.37

My youngest son would love to get his hands on this Shark-inspired backpack. And while he’s not quite old enough for Pre-K, this would be the perfect travel bag for trips to grandma and grandpa’s house. You can pick up one of these “fin-tastic” packs currently on sale at The Children’s Place!

Shark backpacks by the Children's Place

Shark backpacks by the Children's Place

 Bynto Lunchboxes by Goodbyn, $29.95

I get it – kids are picky eaters. They know what they like, and they definitely know what they don’t. If your little guy insists that their apple slices do not touch their PB&J then this is the perfect lunch pail for you. Shaped like an odd little creature, it’s customizable with over 275 dishwasher-safe stickers for your son or daughter to go wild with. And it’s dishwasher safe and made of recyclable materials to boot.

Bento lunchboxes!

Bento lunchboxes!

Incognito Notebooks by Happily Ever After, $10.50

Alright, how cute are these notepads? I couldn’t help myself when I saw their silly monster grins on Happily Ever After – I had to check them out. Perfect for boys or girls, their stretchy elastic bands can be removed to reveal each one’s unique expression. My favorite is the blue one. Which one do you like?

Incognito notebooks

Incognito notebooks

Moustache Crayons by Etsy Owner PrintsAndThingsShop, $8.00

Where did the mustache fad come from? Who knows! But the stylized stache is showing up on everything from t-shirts to these whimsical crayons. Available in six fun colors, your son or daughter will be the envy of their classroom during color time.

Mustache crayons

Mustache crayons

Shoe Pencil Pouches by Converse, $22.95

My kids would live in Converse, if I let them. Unfortunately for them, I don’t. However, these sporty pencil pouches are great for storing pens or markers, and they come in several trendy colors like hot pink or navy blue.

Have you come across other neat items for kids? We’d love to see them! Leave a comment with a link.

Shoe pencil pouches by Converse

Shoe pencil pouches by Converse