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poopsies blog - follow along in the daily life of poopsies creator Annemarie Waters.

"Housekeeping? Yes, can I get 13 pillows......?"

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I think going to sleep is boring. It's pretty much the same scenario for me each night. It's late. Ok, it's really late, and I convince myself I won't miss out on anything if I go to bed. I do the whole routine and promise myself a good TV show if I get in bed. Sleep doesn't come easy to me. I am the type that lays down and a to-do list of a gazillion things goes through my mind. Why those thoughts don't care to arrive mid-afternoon, I'll never know.

The other part of sleep that's tough for me is that somewhere along my road (I believe it was my first pregnancy) I became a pillow diva. My husband can sleep ANYWHERE in any position. It's a true talent to envy. I snap photos of him sleeping because it totally baffles me. He can sleep sitting, standing,  you name it. If I'm going to sleep on it, it has to lay completely flat, and preferably have four pillows. One goes between my legs, one goes behind my back, one perfectly not-too-squishy-not-too-stiff pillow goes under my head, and one last one is just for snuggling (my husband constantly teases that I have replaced him). That is my perfect pillow formula for sleep.

It wasn't always like this - the pillow thing took over when I couldn't sleep on my stomach anymore, and when you're pregnant a lot of sources say not to sleep on your back either. The more uncomfortable I got, the more pillows I added, and then when I finally had the baby my body was like, hey I like that and I'm not going back.

My friend Rachel is pregnant right now (she's one of those insanely gorgeous, looks-way-too-good pregnant people).

It's her first baby, it's also her husbands first time sharing a bed with an uncomfortable prego. He was telling me how at night he basically builds a fortress of pillows around her, under her, in between places, and when he can barely fit onto the bed anymore, she asks him to hold her. "I can't even see her anymore, let alone reach her!"  Of course this all made perfect sense to me.

As much as I love my pillows, its still kind of a hidden addiction. I see photo's selling pillows like this:

and I have to admit, it looks freaking comfortable, but am I going to be the person who actually has that displayed on my bed? No. I realize this may offend a small population of readers who have their twin mattress size pillow currently on their bed. That wasn't my intention, and I'm going to go with the assumption that you are perfectly ok with me talking about your pillow, because you got a fantastic night of sleep snuggled in it. This pillow and others like it actually have a lot of benefits and can really help you get better sleep if you're having trouble. In fact, if any of my friends read this and buy one, give me a call - I'll put my hoodie, sunglasses and a baseball cap on and come over and test it out. 

Photo credit: Today's mom® cozy comfort pregnancy pillow