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poopsies blog - follow along in the daily life of poopsies creator Annemarie Waters.

Motherhood Firsts: What I wish I would have known. Pt 1.

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 Motherhood is filled with countless surprises – some are to be expected, while others leave you speechless, mouth gaping open, just waiting for someone to rouse you from what must be a dream. As a mother of four, I can honestly say that nothing was more challenging (or more tiring) than experiencing it all for the first time with my oldest daughter, Esther. About as soon as I went through most of my "firsts" with Esther, I had Ellie, and all those firsts were brand new again, as if I had amnesia and couldn't remember what I had done with Esther at that stage. Then along came my first boy, Ethan, and it all started over again. That's a picture of us in the hospital the day after he was born. We were terribly in love with him. 

From bottles to blowouts, I had more questions running through my head than I knew what to do with. Everyone always seems to ask, what did you wish people told you about motherhood when you were expecting? Well, this week I will be addressing 5 of those question areas. If you have some input about any of them I'd love to hear from you! I just love a good story! 

As we start the week I have to say, the one thing across the board that I wish I would have known is that EVERY stage is exactly's just a stage. When you are in the midst of it, it feels like it will last forever, but I promise you, your baby won't always be crying, clinging, up all night, projectile get the point. They will grow out of whatever it is that is plaguing you at the moment, and start something new that you're not sure how to handle. It's the horrible and wonderful joys of being a parent. 

I wanted to share an awesome video I saw this week titled A baby's first year. There is a dad out there - Sam Christopher Cornwell - who put a lot of time and effort into this, and kudos to him for reminding all of us just how quick it goes! I'm not sure if I was left more amazed at the memories of my own kids growing up so quickly, or by the fact that this dad must be so darn organized to put all of that together! It took me 35 minutes to find the picture I put in this post because of course whenever I upload photos I don't think to organize them or name them, or put them in folders, because who has time for that? I tell myself that someday when I'm 80 I will have plenty of time on my hands and I will organize them then...right? 

My daughters meeting my firstborn son Ethan

My daughters meeting my firstborn son Ethan