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Motherhood Firsts: What is THAT?


poopsies blog - follow along in the daily life of poopsies creator Annemarie Waters.

Motherhood Firsts: What is THAT?

Get Poopsies

A word of warning – your baby will have a blowout at some point in time and it won’t be pretty. Sorry. One minute you’re sitting in a restaurant or a movie theater with your baby in your lap and the next you’re covered in slimy yellow/green poo. There’s not much you can do at that point besides apologize to the unfortunate witness on your right, excuse yourself from where ever you are and hastily proceed to the bathroom, hoping that no one notices you on the way. And while everyone tells you to carry extra clothes for the baby, I don't remember anyone mentioning that I would need to carry an extra diaper bag for MY change of clothes.

This is one of my favorite stories featured on "let's talk poopsies" Here's what Alyssa had to say along with the fantastic photo she paused to take - doesn't her face say it all?

"Yesterday my baby boy Sasha had a HUGE blowout at church. It happened  RIGHT before church was about to start, and he was wearing his Sunday best, the rumble happened. And what happened next, I'll never understand! It exploded out the back AND FRONT in epic proportions. Help! I need POOPSIES!"

After four babies and more than my fair share of diaper disaster, I decided I needed to take measures into my own hands. I went down to the fabric store and picked up a baby safe fabric, and a sewing machine to line my son’s onesies. It was a long date with the sewing machine that night. It was our first and last date - let's just say we didn't hit it off too well, BUT my inspiration for poopsies® was born (yikes...first date...born...did that come out right?).

Go ahead and save yourself the embarrassment of two stained outfits (yes, yours will get covered as well) and get yourself a poopsies®. Don’t believe me? Check out these oopsie stories from moms just like you, and one last pic from my friend Lauren over at askthemamas.

Lauren got a poopsies® for baby Ruby soon after she was born because she was having daily blowouts. Lauren said she put it on her as soon as she got it, and within the hour Ruby had a blowout. You can see how contained it kept it! I have to say, I think when your baby is in a poopsies® you might actually look forward to your babies next blowout! Just maybe.....

For answers on all other things baby poo, check out