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poopsies blog - follow along in the daily life of poopsies creator Annemarie Waters.

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I am the kid that snuck my Christmas presents and a butter knife into the guest room and carefully slit the wrapping open just enough to see what it was, but not enough that anyone would know I had done it (sorry Mom, if you're just finding this out for the first time).

Naturally when I got pregnant with my first baby the suspense was killing me from day 1!  I wished I could just put myself to sleep until 20 weeks when I could finally find out what I was having. Since that wasn't an option, I explored every old wives tale in the book to try and get a sneak peek.  It was a Wednesday night and one of my best friends had come to town (I can be talked into pretty much anything when I have a friend around, its a dangerous flaw in my makeup).  She suggested the pee in drano gender test and without a second thought we announced to our husbands that we would meet them at the restaurant and ran to the store. I would have done the test right there in the grocery store, but since the guys had gone ahead of us to the restaurant we went there. My excitement was about to explode and I couldn't wait another minute (this is a horrible theme for me). I took my cup, drano and friend to the restaurant bathroom. Without any type of directions or measurements I poured what I thought was a good amount of drano into the cup and started peeing.

I remember it like it was yesterday, I was squatting there with a smile on my face, knowing that in about three seconds I would know if I was having a boy or girl...and then it happened. It was a high school science volcano project happening right there in the bathroom stall. It exploded. I don't even know what was happening in real time. I couldn't stop peeing, and the mixture of the drano wouldn't stop exploding. I was laughing and yelling to my friend outside the stall to pump out as many paper towels as she could manage. My stall and a few of the surrounding stalls were now covered in my gender-testing mixture of urine and drano, which was actually no color at all...just a white foam. We couldn't stop laughing as we crawled around on the disgusting floor, cleaning my disgusting mess, imagining any innocent restaurant guest walking in on us.

As you probably already figured out, we didn't find out what I was having that evening, and I didn't try that test with the rest of my three pregnancies, but I do have a great memory and a good laugh when I think about it.

Have you seen these? More great ways to find out what your having. Im sure they don't work, but hey...what else are you going to do during the 20 weeks while you wait?