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Fall and Winter Maternity Wear

Liz Toledo

Exhibit A of my bad maternity fashion.


Here is the scene: you're lying down on the floor of your closet, feverishly trying to get your jeans to button together. With a desperate gasp of surrender, you let go of the jeans, with it, the dreams of going all nine months of your pregnancy without buying maternity clothes. I get it, some of my maternity clothing choices were less than fashion forward. My mantra is comfort over presentation when carrying a watermelon around for nine months. 

However, who says you have to choose one or the other? You don’t have to give up your personal style in order to stay comfortable during pregnancy. Here are some great finds and style choices that you can pick and choose from in order to create your personal fall maternity look.

 Keep this in mind: loose on top, tight on bottom. Whether you’re sporting stretch leggings or leather pants, think stretch, dark and tight on bottom. Partner that with a flowy, loose, long top that keeps you looking feminine and feeling covered. This is such a forgiving look that will accentuate the legs and make you feel slim and comfortable. Wear with boots or ballet flats and you are all set.

“A scarf a day keeps the fashion police away”. Pick out a few scarfs that are long and have prints that you like. I prefer chunky scarves; the bigger the scarf looks, the smaller I look. This is the quickest way to dress up any look while keeping comfort in mind. Scarves are by far my favorite accessory and are so easy to wear. Nordstrom has an awesome tutorial if you need help  learning how to tie a scarf.


The peacoat look is actually a look I prefer with a baby bump. There is nothing more adorable than a peacoat on a pregnant woman. You can button it up or let it hang open. If you do leave it open, pick a tighter top to wear underneath in order to keep your shape. This peacoat is perfect. Also, take a look at some empire waistcoats that will allow for some extra room as your baby bump gets bigger.